Oklahoma Mission of Mercy

Oklahoma Mission of Mercy (OKMOM)The Oklahoma Mission of Mercy, or OkMOM, is a two-day, MASH-style free dental clinic designed to treat the most pressing needs of patients that are either uninsured, underinsured or would normally not have access to dental care. At the event, patients will undergo medical and dental triage to identify their needs and then be routed to the appropriate areas of treatment: oral surgery, extractions, restorations, pediatrics and hygiene. We anticipate treating 2,000 patients over the course of the event.

Since 2010, Oklahoma Mission of Mercy has treated 8,990 patients, equaling $5,500,613 in donated dental services.  OkMOM is sponsored by the Oklahoma Dental Association, the Oklahoma Dental Foundation and primarily funded by the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Oral Health Foundation. The Oklahoma State Department of Health endorses and supports our mission.

Become a volunteer! We need you to Help-Heal-Hope.

Join us for OkMOM 2015 in Tulsa, Oklahoma! The two-day clinic will be held at the Cox Business Center-Tulsa on February 6-7, 2015

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Need free or low-cost dental care sooner than February? Visit www.resourcefordentalcare.org for possible options.

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