Dentist/Patient Dispute

If you have a conflict over dental services provided by your dentist, you may request Mediation Review. (Patients, dentists or other qualified interested parties may request Mediation Review)

All requests for Mediation Review must be in writing and be signed.

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Requests for Mediation are submitted to:

Chair, Standing Committee on Mediation Review
Oklahoma Dental Association
317 NE 13th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

  • If the request is in order and accepted, all parties are notified and the request is forwarded to the chair of the District Mediation Committee.
  • The case may be handled by a mediator at the district level. If so, a report is submitted to all parties.
  • If the case cannot be mediated, it is referred to the full committee at the district level for a hearing. Any party involved may be asked to appear before the committee.
  • Once the district committee has finished its investigation, a report is submitted to the state chair and all parties are notified of the recommendation.
  • If the recommendation is unacceptable to either party, an appeal to the state chair may be made within 30 days. If there is new evidence, the process is repeated at the state level.
  • An appeal may be made to the Board of Dentistry.

A written report and recommendation will be made and distributed to all concerned parties within 30 days.