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Dr. Krista Jones“We use Medjet Assist because we enjoy travel, both national and international and if something were to happen where we were injured and needed to be medi-flighted home from anywhere in the world, they would do that with trained personnel. For a minimal yearly premium, it provides us the type of insurance and assurance, that gives us peace of mind while making our trips as adventurous as we would like."
- Dr. Krista Jones, Edmond

Get rewarded for being an ODA Member!

ODA Rewards Program saves you money!

Just by being an ODA Member, you will receive full access to the great deals from companies that will help in your practice.

In one year, an ODA member would save an average of $13,029* if he/she participated in every ODA member-only Rewards Partners’ offer. In 2015, the ODA received more than $143,233 in non-dues revenue because ODA Members used ODA Rewards products and services, saving each ODA member $133 in membership dues! 

A committee of your peers carefully reviews these companies to choose the best service for your practice. 

Members Only: Discount Codes

ODA members can login to learn more information about each company and to also receive the necessary special discount codes.

Get Easy Access to the ODA Rewards Partners

Put an ODA Rewards shortcut on your computer desktop for easy access to all of the savings offered for your home or dental office. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to create a desktop shortcut to the ODA Rewards website. It’s just a click away. 

1.       Open your favorite Internet browser and visit 
2.       Resize the Internet browser window so both the computer desktop and the browser window are visible.
3.       Click and drag the icon (in the address bar to the left of the URL) onto your desktop.

4.       The shortcut will be created on your desktop and ready to click at any time.

ODA Rewards Partners


Financial Services

Savings for Your Office

Travel Discounts

* Savings based on the average annual usage of an ODA member if he/she participated in every ODA Rewards Partners' offer. Excludes ODA-endorsed products offered by 3000 Insurance Group.


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