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ODA Leadership

The Oklahoma Dental Association fosters an awareness of the obligations and responsibilities of the dental profession to society, to help advance the art and science of dentistry, and to promote public health and health services in the State of Oklahoma.

Executive Committee – 2023/2024

Dr. Paul Wood

Dr. Paul Wood

Dr. Daryn Lu

Dr. Daryn Lu

Dr. Twana Duncan

Dr. Twana Duncan

Vice President
 Dr. Nicole Nellis

Dr. Nicole Nellis

Dr. Robert Herman

Dr. Robert Herman

Immediate Past President
Dr. Mitch Kramer

Dr. Mitch Kramer

Speaker of the House

Board of Trustees 2023-2024

  • Dr. Paul Wood,¬†President and ADA Delegate
  • Dr. Daryn Lu,¬†President-elect
  • Dr. Twana Duncan, Vice President
  • Dr. Nicole Nellis, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Dr. Mitch Kramer, Speaker of the House
  • Dr. Robert Herman,¬†Immediate Past President
  • Dr. Tamara Berg, ADA Delegate
  • Dr. Matthew Cohlmia, ADA Delegate
  • Dr. Tim Fagan, ADA Delegate
  • Dr. C. Rieger Wood, ADA Delegate
  • Dr. Mary Temple-Goins, New Dentist Trustee (2022-2023)
  • Dr. M. Edmund Braly, Central Component Trustee (2021-2024)
  • Dr. Douglas Auld, Eastern Component Trustee (2021-2025)
  • Dr. Jandra Korb, Northern Component Trustee (2020-2023)
  • Dr. Colin Eliot, Northwest Component Trustee (2021-2024)
  • Dr. Edward Harroz III, OK County Component Trustee (2021-2024)
  • Dr. Matthew Bridges, Southwest Component Trustee (2021-2023)
  • Dr. Lindsay Smith, Tulsa County Component Trustee (2019-2025)

ODA House of Delegates 2021

ODA Councils and Committees

Council on Budget and Finance

  • Todd Bridges, Southwest District
  • Twana Duncan, Chair, Eastern District
  • Robert Herman, President
  • Heath Evans, Tulsa County
  • Nicole Nellis, Secretary/Treasurer, Board Liaison
  • Julie Storm, Oklahoma County
  • Paul Wood, President-elect

Council on Bylaws, Policy and Ethics

  • Douglas Auld, Eastern District
  • Matthew Bridges, Chair, Southwest District
  • Adam Bulleigh, Tulsa County
  • Vann Greer, Oklahoma County
  • Robert Herman, President
  • Krista Jones, Oklahoma County
  • Kenner Misner, Tulsa County
  • Paul Wood, President-elect

Council on Dental Care

  • Robert Herman, President
  • Kevin Haney, Oklahoma County
  • Paul Wood, President-elect
  • Tara Denton, Eastern District
  • Matt McReynolds, Oklahoma County
  • Brian Molloy, Chair, Southwest District
  • Lauren Nichols, Tulsa County
  • Mary Temple-Goins, Board Liaison
  • Jarett Turney, Northern District
  • Daniel Wilguess, Chair, Mediation Review Program
  • Jana Winfree, Dental Director, Oklahoma State Department of Health
  • Whitney Yeates, Chair, Standing Committee on OHCA/DHS

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

  • Robert Herman, ODA Party
  • Nicole Nellis, Chair
  • Richard Brown, CE
  • TBD, Sponsorships
  • TBD, Breakfast and Learn
  • TBD, Hosts
  • Paul Wood, President-elect
  • Becky Streeter, Dental Assistants Chair
  • TBD, Dental Hygienists

Standing Committee on OHCA and DHS

  • Twana Duncan, Eastern District
  • Chris Fagan, Northwest District
  • Robert Herman, President
  • Stephen Gray, Oklahoma County
  • James Hackler, Tulsa County
  • Stephen Mayer, Northern District
  • Brian Molloy, Southwest District
  • Ryan Roberts, Tulsa County
  • Gregory Shanbour, Oklahoma County
  • Floyd Simon, Jr, Southwest District
  • Whitney Yeates, Chair

Council on Dental Education and Public Information

  • Ben Baty, Tulsa County
  • Ed Braly, Board Liaison
  • Christopher Brett, Tulsa County
  • Matthew Bridges, Southwest District
  • Robert Herman, President
  • Mary Hamburg, Editor
  • Kevin Haney, Oklahoma County
  • Paul Wood, President-elect
  • Mathew Hookom, Eastern District
  • Jennifer Jenkins, Tulsa County
  • Jeremy Morris, Oklahoma County
  • Sara Spurlock, Central District
  • David Wong, Chair

Council on Governmental Affairs

  • Doug Auld, Eastern District & Board Liaison
  • Matt Cohlmia, Oklahoma County
  • Susan Davis, Northwest District
  • Brian Drew, Central District
  • Robert Herman, President
  • Paul Wood, President-elect
  • Krista Jones, Advisor
  • Jandra Korb, Advisor
  • Robert Lamb, Advisor
  • Juan Lopez, Southwest District
  • Samuel Owens, Tulsa County
  • Raymond Plant, Oklahoma County
  • Scott Renfrow, Central District
  • Lindsay Smith, Chair
  • Robert Wright, Oklahoma County
  • Scott Street, Tulsa County
  • Stephen Sullivan, Advisor

Council on Membership and Membership Services

  • Parul Ajmani, Chair, Special Interest Groups
  • Kristen Campbell, Central District
  • Robert Herman, President
  • H. Douglas Hall, Oklahoma County
  • Edward Harroz, III, Board Liaison
  • Paul Wood, President-elect
  • Daryn Lu, ADA New Dentist Trustee
  • Eugenia Johnson, Tulsa County
  • Mohsen Moosavi, Tulsa County
  • Nicole Nellis, Chair
  • Sydney Rogers, Northwest District
  • Mary Temple-Goins, Chair, New Dentist Program
  • Kendra Yandell, Eastern District

Council on Nominations

  • Matthew Bridges, Southwest District
  • Colin Eliot, Northwest District
  • Robert Herman, President
  • Jandra Korb, Northern District
  • Twana Duncan, Eastern District
  • Lauren Nichols, Tulsa County
  • Sara Spurlock, Central District
  • Tabitha Arias, Oklahoma County
  • Paul Wood, Chair, President-elect

Rewards Partners and Programs Committee

  • Elizabeth Bohanon, Oklahoma County
  • Kristen Bowen, Dental Assistant
  • Matthew Bridges, Chair
  • Robert Herman, President
  • Paul Wood, President-elect
  • Janice Kramer, RDH
  • Mary Martin, Eastern District
  • Malori Mills, Oklahoma County
  • Paul Mullasseril, Oklahoma County
  • Nicole Nellis, Tulsa County
  • Shachi Shah, Oklahoma County
  • Scott Waugh, Oklahoma County
  • Roberta Wright, Oklahoma County