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  • Executive Director

    As ODA Executive Director, Lynn has her hands in everything! Her degrees are from the University of Central Oklahoma and ...

    Meet Lynn

  • Director of Finance and Governance

    Shelly works with Lynn on the Council on Budget and Finance to develop the annual operating budget. She is the staff component for ...

    Meet Shelly

  • Director of Membership

    Kylie Faherty provides information to the public on all things membership. She assists ODA members with applications and ...

    Meet Kylie

  • Director of Communications and Education

    As Director of Communications & Education, Stacy is responsible for the departments of Communications, Publications, Public Information ...

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  • Programs and Operations Manager

    Makenzie is responsible for managing the Rewards Partners endorsement program, managing the Mediation Review program and ...

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  • Membership Manager

    Madison Bolton serves as the Membership Manager for the ODA. She is responsible for programming and member relations.

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