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Update – March 22, 2024:
ODA Members,
Last week marked the legislative deadline for bills to be heard on the floor in their respective chamber of origin. Unfortunately, our attempt to address the existing loophole in the 2010 Non-Covered Services law through HB 3383 failed to be heard on the House floor. While Rep. Marcus McEntire had the willingness to author the bill, he was unsuccessful in persuading leadership to allow the bill to move onto the floor. According to Rep. McEntire, the House Majority Leader Jon Echols and other House leadership did not feel compelled to allow the bill to be discussed on the floor. While many bills met the same fate, this is frustrating to report.  

We appreciate Rep. McEntire’s support over the years, but it remains evident we must build a stronger coalition of legislators who are willing to tackle the hard issues and push for the advancement and protection of the dental profession.  The ODA works hard to advocate for you at the State Capitol, but we cannot do it alone! YOU are the key to our legislative success. Grassroots lobbying is THE MOST effective way to get legislators to act on our behalf, and that means we need every ODA member engaging in our legislative efforts to protect your profession!  We ask that you continue to help us identify champions at the State Capitol by fostering strong relationships with your state Representative and Senator, as we will be coming back next year to ensure necessary policies are addressed and the voices of dentistry are heard.  While our bill is dead, our efforts are not. Thank you for your continued outreach and support.

Update – February 28, 2024:
HB 3383
, the ODA’s non-covered services clean-up bill, passed the House Committee February 27 unanimously! However, our bill author Rep. Marcus McEntire, has expressed the need for dentists across the state to reach out to their State Representative to ask them to: 1) HEAR the bill (we have two weeks to get that done!); and 2) VOTE YES on the bill.

Please take FIVE minutes to call your State Representative and ask that they:
1. Please support HB 3383 as a co-author on the bill and contact Rep. Marcus McEntire to sign on.
2. Please VOTE YES when it comes to a vote on the House floor.

If your Representative is not available, simply leave those two asks in a message with the assistant or as a voice mail. Please leave your name and cell phone number in case there are any follow-up questions. The important thing is to have every Representative hear from our member dentists – even our retired members – as soon as possible!

CLICK HERE TO QUICKLY FIND YOUR STATE REP’S PHONE NUMBER. Use the form at the bottom of that webpage.


  • HB 3383 is a simple redefinition of “covered services” that will tighten the already-existing law in Oklahoma, protecting patients by making their insurance coverage stronger.
  • HB 3383, will strengthen the non-covered services law we passed in 2010, closing the loophole that says our law does not apply in certain situations like frequency limitations and when a patient has reached his/her maximum. Closing that loophole will restore the original intent of the law and, once again, protect the relationship you have with your patients from insurance intrusion.
  • Current dental insurance is unjust for providers AND patients, with non-covered services affecting competition.
  • Imposing discounts on non-covered services is nothing more than a marketing tactic to gain an advantage over smaller carriers.
  • Larger plans use market power to dictate pricing on services without financial responsibility.
  • Our goal is to bring balance to contract negotiations between Oklahoma-based small business owners and large multibillion dollar insurance companies.

The ODA works closely with the ADA to represent your voice and views on legislative issues affecting you and your practice. The ADA represents nearly 157,000 dentists and works to improve America’s oral health, advance the science of dentistry and enhance the best oral health care system in the world.

As a member of the ODA, a portion of your dues goes toward supporting and protecting the dental profession in Oklahoma. Through tripartite membership in the ADA, ODA, and the local component, dental professionals have one consistent, unified voice that represents what is best for the dental community.

ODA dedicates itself to working with each level of the tripartite to protect professional autonomy and advance the profession of dentistry. Oklahoma dentists are standing in solidarity with practitioners across the nation for the advancement of our field. Without the solidarity of members for state and local organizations, our voice would not be as strong.

 How can you stay informed about the latest legislative and regulatory happenings?

You can take action by talking to your legislators.

If you have questions about ODA advocacy efforts, contact Lynn Means, ODA Executive Director.

Your Voice Matters

Dentists can’t afford to be silent partners in their own business and practice decisions. Legislative advocacy is just good business, and ODA makes it our business to protect you.

DENPAC/ADPAC: You can’t afford to be a silent partner in decisions that affect your business, your practice, your profession or your patients.  Have a voice in those decisions by donating today!

Dentist Day at the Capitol: This event provides you with an opportunity to meet your legislators. Don’t sit back and assume others will be representing your legislative district.  YOU Be the One!

National Representation: The ODA works with the ADA to represent your voice and views on issues affecting you and your practice. The ADA represents nearly 157,000 dentists and works to improve America’s oral health, advance the science of dentistry and enhance the best oral health care system in the world.

State Representation: Learn more about ODA efforts during and after each session.

ODA Grassroots Team: With so many legislators and term limits, the ODA continuously has a lot of people to get to know. If you have an existing relationship with a Representative or Senator (participate in a fundraiser, attend church together, knew each other in college or high school), please join. 

If you have questions about ODA advocacy efforts,
contact Lynn Means, ODA Executive Director.