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Legislative Issues

By being active in grassroots programs at both the state and national levels, you will have a direct role in the fight for oral health and for the protection of your profession.

It’s SO important to maintain a political presence by responding to ODA and ADA action alerts, meeting with your state and federal representatives, and attending political events.  So why should you get and stay involved politically?  At both the state and federal capitals, they are going to make decisions that affect your patients and your practice. It’s a certainty. You have a choice: You can sit on the sidelines or you can get involved and help shape the outcome.


DENPAC is the political action committee of your Oklahoma Dental Association and ADPAC is the political action committee for the American Dental Association.  BOTH work hard to protect the profession of dentistry.  And we do that by “friendraising” – by making political contributions to dentistry-friendly lawmakers.  Our friends at the state and federal capitols are made, frankly, with contributions to their campaigns and THIS TAKES MONEY!  Through the financial contributions of member dentists, DENPAC and ADPAC work to elect candidates who understand the importance of dentistry and the link between oral health and overall health. Regardless of party affiliation, DENPAC and ADPAC support candidates who will be strong advocates for dentists and the patients we serve.