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All ODA Press Releases on COVID-19

COVID-19 / 2020 Press Releases

Regarding COVID-19

ODA Responds to the World Health Organization Regarding Dentistry and COVID-19

OKLAHOMA CITY (August 13, 2020): The Oklahoma Dental Association echoes the American Dental Association’s statement strongly disagreeing with the World Health Organization’s recommendation on postponing dental care due to COVID-19. Dental care is an essential part of an individual’s overall health, and without a licensed medical dental professional overseeing routine care, an individual could experience additional health risks.

“The WHO’s recommendation comes with no conclusive evidence or supporting scientific data,” said Oklahoma Dental Association President Paul Mullasseril, DDS. “In fact, the report even states there is currently no data on the spread of the coronavirus from the dental chair. At this time there has not been a suspected case of COVID19 transmission from any dental office or procedure.”

Dr. Mullasseril added, “While visiting the dentist may look different at this time, experts say that’s no reason to miss your regular check-ups. Oral health is vital to overall health and many times people do not comprehend that teeth are attached to the body, to the bone and head, and that it is as important to take care of their teeth as the rest of their bodies. The dentist’s office is an extremely safe place to get the vital oral health treatment everyone needs.”