Medicaid Managed Care Attempt

Posted on 05/17/2017


Medicaid Managed Care Attempt in the 11th Hour
by Dr. Matt Cohlmia, ODA Council on Governmental Affairs Chair 

With only two weeks left of the legislative session, a national Medicaid managed care company, DentaQuest, is attempting to convince legislators to put language in an already existing state budget appropriations bill requiring the OHCA to enter into a contract with a managed care company for a dental carve-out.

The ODA Council on Governmental Affairs met on May 15 to discuss whether or not to support the language. Since there is so little time left of session and the ODA was not consulted on the language, the Council felt strongly that there is not adequate time to vet the language; to consult the ODA’s Standing Committee on OHCA, or any of our other Medicaid provider members, nor our partners that would be affected by a change in Medicaid management, like the Oklahoma Dental Foundation and the OU College of Dentistry. Ultimately, the Council voted to not support the language and will actively lobby against it. ODA leadership is committed to the idea that, should a Medicaid managed care dental carve-out happen in Oklahoma, that the ODA has a prominent seat at the table, helping from the beginning write the bill language and the subsequent RFP, and thereby creating the best situation for our Medicaid provider members.  If that opportunity is not provided us, we will not support the process.

Please contact Lynn Means, ODA Executive Director, with any questions.