Renew Your Membership Today!

Posted on 01/08/2018


Renew Your ODA/ADA Membership

Make sure you soon to maintain all of the great benefits your membership provides. Our strength in Washington, D.C., at our State Capitol, and in your community is reliant on our united dental front, so renew for 2018 and help us continue the fight! We even offer convenient installment plans to help fit your budget.

Renew right away to keep your profession strong and help save the ODA money on renewal notice mailing! 

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Convenient Dues Installment Payment Plans

You don’t have to pay your 2018 ODA/ADA/Component (Tripartite) dues all at once. Your ODA understands that it may not be convenient to remit your membership dues in one payment. We are excited to provide you with the opportunity to pay your 2018 membership in monthly installments! You have the option of renewing in a way that is convenient for you.*

To take advantage of an ODA dues installment plan, please contact Kylie Ethridge, ODA Director of Membership, at or 405.848.8873.

*There is a nominal $6.00 installment fee for each payment.