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Jim Kessler, DDS

Preparation Designs and Laboratory Communication- What Your Laboratory Technician Needs to Provide the Best Results

Lecture | 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. | One and a Half (1.5) CE Hours   | Category B


Course Description

Much has changed in recent years as far as the materials that we as dentists and laboratory technicians can offer to our patients.  Most of these materials result in improved esthetic results, possibly more conservative preparation designs, and even reduced costs. However, the communication that the dentist should provide to the ceramist to maximize these benefits has increased.  Therefore the information we need to provide has moved beyond “make crown, shade A-1”.

In this presentation we will discuss preparation designs for contemporary materials and how a given shade is achieved with various all-ceramic materials and with different restoration designs such as veneers vs. full coverage or layered vs. monolithic.  There are a number of simple pieces of information that can be transferred from the operatory to the laboratory that will make tremendous improvements in the final result and make for very predictable delivery appointments.  These communications do not require special equipment, nor are they time consuming, and they can be easily implemented immediately into one’s practice activities.

Learning Objectives

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Director of Advanced Esthetics and Technology at University of Oklahoma, College of Dentistry