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Paresh Shah, DMD, MS

The Importance of Integrated Treatment Planning

Lecture | 9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. | One (1) CE Hour   | Category B

Winnipeg, Canada

Twitter: @DrPShah_DMD

Instagram: @DrPareshShah

Course Description

This presentation will highlight several principles that are essential for the practitioner to consider in treatment planning an interdisciplinary case. Identifying the criteria to determine the need for multiple disciplines will be explained through clinical case examples. This presentation will include clinical conditions commonly found in everyday practice. Participants will be shown a simple but effective set of parameters that can be used immediately in their treatment planning process.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn simple criteria to distinguish between a routine restorative case and an interdisciplinary case

  • Learn how to leverage your interdisciplinary team to optimize outcomes 

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Speaker Bio:

Dr. Paresh Shah maintains a private practice in Winnipeg, Canada with a focus on implant, cosmetic and interdisciplinary care.  He graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1991.  

Dr. Shah has a proficiency certificate in Esthetic Dentistry from the University of Buffalo (SUNY) in 2007 and a Masters in Physiology from the University of Manitoba in 1987. He is also a graduate of the Misch Implant Institute Prosthetic Program and the Kois Center in Seattle.  

Dr. Shah serves as a consultant for numerous dental manufacturers in product development and evaluations.  He is an active member of the Seattle Study Club network and also a founder and co-director of a Seattle Study Club in Winnipeg. He has used digital technology in his practice for over 15 years and provided over 300 lectures globally on all aspects of restorative, interdisciplinary care and digital dentistry.