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General Dentist Poteau, OK

General Dentist Poteau, OK

General Dentist

Location: Poteau, OK

Rubin White Health Clinic

109 Kerr Ave

Poteau, OK 74953

Salary: $175,000/yr

Benefits: Full Generous Benefits package

Duties: Dental Procedures at CNHSA

Procedures are restorations amalgam and composite. Extractions are simple and surgical based on comfort level of the dentist.

Exams and digital x rays are offered. For complex extractions and molar endo we have both a Endodontist (in Durant, OK) and the ability to refer out root canals to outside providers. This also applies to oral surgery for complex cases 3rd molars full mouth extractions or complex extractions where anatomical considerations may impact the case. Also, we do have 1 pediatric dentist (in Durant, OK). Dentures and Partials are handled by outside providers and the patient is given instructions on where to contact.

Send CV to:

Jason Hill, D.O.

Chief Medical Officer


Office Address: One Choctaw Way, Talihina, OK 74571

Office Telephone: (918) 567-7007

Contact Information

Kristen Gardner 580-775-2988
Category: Job Openings
State: OK
City: Poteau