ProMax 3D LED PAN X-RAY with PC

Kaltenbach & Voight Quattrcare Plus 2124 A sterilization for high speed drills. 1/2015

PlanMeca Prostyle Intra 2/2002 X-ray  head

Den-take-ez dentist chair date: 2000; assistant chair 1980; both recovered 2015 perfect condition 

Two light curing Caulk the MAX One dated 1990; the other 2000
ADEC lamp and TRAY-TROL (for water,air, high & slow speed drills)
Den-Tal-Ez model PL 200 (1970) recovered 2015 with ADEC lamp and TrayTrol (h2o,air, drills)
Saddle seat dental chair (2019) DEN-TAL-EZ dental chair (1970) recovered: 2015
PlanMeca Prostyle Intra X-ray head 2/2002
Den-Tal-Ez model 200 chair with ADEC Mini-Trol drill tray with h2o, air, and ElectroSurg; chair 1970, recovered 2015
Assistant and dentist chairs (1970) recovered(2015); 
PlanMeca Prostyle Intra X-ray head 10/2001
Patterson Model Trimmer model 10 (1980)

Lang Aquapress for processing acrylic repair for dentures (1990)

Red Wing Ball bearing model polisher with Handler Protective Shield 
Patterson Heat Processer (1980) for making suck down retainers & splints
Dentsply TruByte Triad 2000 Visible Light cute system (1998)
ENGLE Dental system for evac 10/27/2016
Custom Air with BOSS custom vac dynamic dry dual evacuation (2014 ?)
Chiropractic Spine-a-lator (1999)

Sleep Group Solutions System software, hardware, Watermark sleep monitor, mouth pieces with jigs 


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