Enjoy an environment of growth. We strive to offer an environment where you can grow professionally. For those who are new graduates, we expect a growth curve in the beginning towards developing their clinical skills. You won’t be asked to perform procedures that you can’t perform, but you will be expected to develop new skills with time.

Practice with freedom. For those that have worked in the corporate field or worked as an associate and are ready to take on a new challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to be the primary doctor and get to practice the way you feel is best. Not quota driven. Clearly, we need to cover our overhead, and we all want to benefit financially from our efforts, but you will not be burdened with quotas. We utilize goals to give us direction, but not quotas to hold over your head.

What You’ll Do

- Provide the best patient care possible

- Work to better yourself clinically by participating in Continuing Education and adding to your clinical abilities

- Confidently educating patients on diagnosed work and the benefits to their dental and overall health

- Help the practice grow and find ways to set it apart from other offices in the community

- Serve as a source of motivation and inspiration to help team members to reach their potential, and also learn from them and use their experience to improve the practice

- Participate in community engagement events.

Ownership opportunity. With NorthStar you can work as an associate or become an owner in the practice. The timing is up to you. We will help you prepare for that step in your career by developing sound business strategies. We can discuss these options in greater detail when we meet together.

Here are some additional highlights to joining our team.

- Mentorship from a doctor with 30+ years of experience

- Opportunity to review treatment plan ideas with other doctors in the group

- Primary doctor in a practice

- Compensation based on collections with a sliding pay scale

- You focus on the clinical side of the practice while we provide business services

- Quarterly Outings

For those of you ready to learn more about this opportunity, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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