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Part Time Dental Hygienist

Part Time Dental Hygienist

Part Time Dental Hygienist

Required experience:

  • Oklahoma Dental license
  • Prefer 1 year or more experience

Job Description:


The Dental Hygienist must be a team player in our practice. Responsibilities include:


  • Clean and sterilize instruments, operatory and hygiene supply area.
  • Patient screening procedures such as assessment of oral health conditions, review of the health history, oral cancer screening, head and neck inspection, dental charting and taking blood pressure/ pulse.
  • Removing calculus and plaque (hard and soft deposits) from all surfaces of the teeth.
  • Applying preventive materials to the teeth (e.g., sealants and fluorides)
  • Teaching patients appropriate oral hygiene strategies to maintain oral health, tooth brushing and flossing.
  • Counseling patients about good nutrition and its impact on oral health.
  • Taking impressions of patient’s teeth for study casts (models of teeth used by dentists to evaluate patient treatment needs).
  • Performing documentation and office management activities.
  • Maintain records on dental status of patients and services rendered.
  • Take radiographs; trace radiographs required for corrective treatment.
  • Assisting dentist with procedures as required; set up instruments and other equipment.
  • Calling patients for recall and care appointments.
  • Organize hygiene inventory and make request to dental assistant of supplies to be ordered.
  • Cleanliness:
    1. Ensure instruments are spotless and clean
    2. Organize and clean hygiene bay
    3. Clean any other parts of the office that appear dirty or to need cleaning



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Megan Johns (405) 632-5561
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