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Legacy Fund

The OkMOM Legacy Fund was established in July of 2022 to ensure essential dental care could be provided to patients in need during the 2025 OkMOM event and beyond. Please join us in making a pledge or one-time gift and help us secure the future of this life-changing event!

“We have been a part of OkMOM since its inception,” said Dr. Tim Fagan. “We have watched countless lives changed through the work done at this event which is one of the many reasons we have been led to give this gift. Our hope is by making ourselves known, others will step forward to ensure Oklahomans receive care through OkMOM well into the future.”
In July of this year, Dr. and Mrs. Fagan anonymously approached the Oklahoma Dental Association (ODA)/Oklahoma Dental Foundation (ODF) and gave their generous gift. Their donation was made as a dollar-for-dollar matching challenge, to be completed by June 30, 2023. This matching gift campaign will set the foundation for the OkMOM Legacy Fund and serve as the funding source for the 2025 OkMOM event and beyond.
“If this would motivate or inspire anyone to come forward and donate to this most worthy cause, it’s worth making ourselves known,” said Dr. Fagan.
“We are all just ordinary people who can do extraordinary things — this is going to help everybody continue to do an extraordinary thing because that’s what the Mission of Mercy is,” said Mrs. Pamela Fagan.

Since its inception in 2010, the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy (OkMOM) has been the most significant dental outreach event in our state. Thousands of dental professionals have come together over the years to provide essential dental care to Oklahomans. Volunteer dentists, specialists, hygienists, assistants, and students have treated 17,381 patients and provided over $14.2 million in donated dental care. While the treatment is donated, there is still a substantial cost of $150-$200K to operate the event each year. The ODA Board of Trustees has decided to dissolve the partnership with the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Charitable Foundation after the 2024 event.

The Oklahoma Dental Association/Oklahoma Dental Foundation has received an incredibly generous gift from Dr. Tim and Pamela Fagan who are committed to ensuring OkMOM continues well into the future. The $448,000 donation is being made as a dollar-for-dollar matching challenge, to be completed by June 30, 2023.  This matching gift campaign will be the foundation for the new OkMOM Legacy Fund and will be the funding source for the 2025 OkMOM event and beyond.  

We ask you to join us now by making your monthly, quarterly, annual, or one-time gift.  Please help ensure essential dental care continues to be provided each year during the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy!

Thank you to those who contributed to the Legacy Fund in 2023:

Jeffery Ahlert
Ross Allen
Jim Ambrose
Richard Amilian
Clay Anderson
Mark Argo
Jamie Ariana
Tabitha Arias
Marc Arledge
Douglas Auld
Lauren Avery
Victoria Ball
Spring Creek Baptist Church
Jeannie Bath
Rishu Batta
Justin Beasley
William Beasley
Kay Beavers
Kari Bender
Tamara Berg
Kenneth Bezan
David Birdwell
Carol Blossfeld
Elizabeth Bohanon
Andrea Bowen
Blaire Bowers Ersteniuk
Leon Bragg
Edmund and Cindy Braly
George Bridges
Matthew Bridges
Todd Bridges
Trace Bridges III
Joshua Brock
Richard Brown
S. Kelly Brown
Nathan Buckner
Brent Burchard
Brandon Burton
Graham Busby
Jamie Cameron
Carla Campbell
Kristen Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Tricia Cannon
Wuse Cara
Scott Carel
John Carletti
Peter Carlson
Bobby Carmen
Charles Carroll
Steven Carson
William Carter
Mary Casey Kelly
Stephen Cash
Conrad Casler
Cory Chambers
Jennifer Chambers
Carrie Chastain
Russell Coatney
Logan Coffee
Jeff Cohlmia
Matthew Cohlmia
Raymond Cohlmia
Chris Corbin
Cama Cord
Robi Craig
Danny Craige
Stephanie Crawford
Josh Crossley
G Frans Currier
Russell Danner
Darrell Daugherty
Trung Tran
David Deason
Steven Deaton
Northwest District Dental Association
Tara Denton
William Deprater
Brent Dobson
Bryce Dorrough
Ana Dotson
Gene Drake
Brian Drew
David Drummond
Kevin Duffy
Benjamin Edwards
Colin Eliot
Heath Evans
Chris and Heather Fagan
Michael Fagan
Ronald Faram
Twana Farley-Duncan
Barry Farmer
Joseph Feng
Casey Fishburn
John Folks

Travis and Shelly Frantz
Rick Freeman
Emily Frye
Chad Garrison
LaMont Gee
James Gilliam
Mark Goodman
Sandra Grace
Barry Greenley
Jerry Greer
Shannon Griffin
Thomas Griffin
Daniel Griffiths
Andrew Guthrie
Jacob Hager
Kevin Haney
Michael Hansen
Mark Hanstein
Aaron Harman
Jenny Harreld
Haley Harrington
Edward Harroz Jr
Richard Haught
Darrell Hazle
Erin Heathcock
Robert Herman
Jeffrey Hermen
William Hiatt
Marilyn Hiebert
Myron Hilton
Steven Hogg
Richard Homsey
Mathew Hookom
James Hooper
Brad Hoopes
Mitchell Hoopes
Eric Hopkins
James Hulsey
W. Robert Hunter
Autumn Hurd
Edward Harroz III
Jennifer Jenkins
Courtney Johnson
Donald Johnson
Eugenia Johnson
Richard Johnson
William Johnson
Krista Jones
Janet Julian
Mohammad Karami
Olivia Karim
Carolyn Keyes
Michael Kirk
Jennifer Koonce
Gene Koop
Jandra Korb
Mitchell Kramer
Michael Kubelka
Priyanka Kulkarni
Robert Lamb
Sallie Lau
Larry Lavelett
Sally Le
Grady Lembke
Shannon Lewis
Robert Livingston
Brandon Loeser
Eric Loper
Eric Lopez
Juan Lopez
Karey Low
Pamela Low
Daryn Lu
Steve Lusk
James Mabry
David Maddox
David Marks
Mary Martin
Stephen Martin
Alan Mauldin
Garrick McAnear
Tracy McIntire
Janna McIntosh
Glenn Mead
Joseph Meador
Jamie Means
Lynn and Andy Means
David Merrell
Clint Metcalf
Robert Miracle
Frank Miranda
Melanie Miranda
Shukla Andrea Montgomery
Jack Morrison
Paul & Anaita Mullasseril

James Murtaugh
Sonya Nabors
Nandita Nanda
Nicole Nellis
Lauren Nichols
David Nittler
Bob & Lisa Nowlin
Van Nowlin
Laura Ousley
Alan Owen
Samuel Owens
John Phillips
Garrett Phipps
Dana Price
Chris Ray
Karen Reed
Chad Reid
Roger Richter
James Roane
Dault Roberts
Ryan Roberts
Tyson Roulston
Miranda Ruleford
Robert Schick
Mickey Sehorn
Jeff Shadid
Paul Shadid
Kyle Shannon
Jack Sheets
Matt Shelton
Steffan Sigler
Elizabeth Silver
Floyd Simon
Caleb Smith
Donald Smith
Gregg Smith
Lindsay Smith
Brooke Snowden
Aaron Southerland
Chad Spiva
Sara Spurlock
David Stapleton
Adelaide Steed
Michael Steffen
Clinton Stevens
Greg Stewart
James Steyer
Dan Storm
Julie Storm
Jesse Storts
Patrick Stover
Steven Strange
Steven Sullivan
Marc Susman
Jim Taylor
Stephen Taylor
Jennifer Teale
Mary Temple-Goins
Leslie Tevebaugh
Ryan Theobald
John Thomas
Kara Tims
Bootsey Torchia
Mark Unruh
Jonah Vandiver
Nathan Villines
Shyler Vincent
Matthew Walls
Christopher Ward
Walter Scott Waugh
Robert Webb
William Weber
Dennis Weibel
Robert Wells
James Wendelken
Jay Lynn White
Steven White
Susan Whiteneck
Dan Wilguess
John Wilguess
Ralph Willcox
Vincent Willcox
Karen Willhoite
M Karen Willhoite
Noel Williams
Brian Wilson
Jufang Wong
Paul Wood
Rieger Wood
Donal Woodward
Craig Wooten
Rande Worthen
Savannah Wright
Trent Yadon
Kendra Yandell
Carla Whitney Yeates
Charles Young