Hosted by the ODA Membership and Membership Services Council, this event brings together dentists looking to expand and/or sell their practice, with new dentists, graduate students and OUCOD students looking for their next professional opportunity. Join us on February 8, 2019 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the ODA building for the next Match@ODA event. 

Employers will be given the option to host a booth for networking with all attendees in the Presidential Board Room. Rooms will also be available to hold private, one-on-one interviews with each applicable candidate.

On-SiteRegistration/Walk-In's Welcome!

Employer Match Form

Those looking for employment opportunities will be provided an opportunity to network in the Presidential Boardroom with the hiring practices with whom you "match".  Private rooms for one-on-one interviews will be available, should the opportunity arise. Refresh your CV and come dressed to impress! 

Employee Match Form

Booths and interview spaces are limited and subject to refusal based on appropriate candidates. Hors D'oeurves will be provided during this event. 

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