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Media Center

ODA Media Contact

Stacy Yates
Director of Communications and Education
Phone: 405.848.8873 or 800.876.8890
Additional Information: Media FAQs

Additional Contacts 

Oklahoma Mission of Mercy
Apryl Awbrey
Special Projects and Communications Manager
Phone: 405-848-8873

ODA Annual Meeting 
Stacy Yates
Director of Communications and Education 
Phone: 405-848-8873

Oklahoma Dental Foundation
John Wilguess
Executive Director
Phone: 405-241-1299

ODA at a Glance

  • A nonprofit organization established in 1907.
  • It is an affiliate of the American Dental Association (ADA).
  • Represents 1,600 dentists statewide – approximately 80% of the licensed and practicing dentists in Oklahoma.
  • Its tagline is “Keeping Dentistry Strong in Oklahoma”.
  • Produces the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy annually which has provided more than $11 million in donated dental care to the underserved.

ODA provides the following services to member dentists

  • Provides valuable pre-screening of products and services such as companies that provide business consulting, insurance, etc. through the ODA Rewards Program.
  • Offers an opportunity for dentists to participate in access-to-care issues through legislative action and volunteerism.
  • Makes available high-quality Continuing Education credit opportunities in order to maintain licensure requirements and to provide a high level of care for patients. 

ODA provides the following services to the public

Oklahoma Oral Health Facts

  • 23% of adults in Oklahoma avoid smiling due to the condition of their mouth and teeth.
  • 40% of low-income adults in Oklahoma avoid smiling due to the condition of their mouth and teeth.
  • 79% in Oklahoma feel they need to visit the dentist twice per year.
  • 81% of adults in Oklahoma believe straight, bright teeth help you get ahead in life.
  • 40%of high-income adults in Oklahoma cite fear as a reason not to visit the dentist.

Oklahoma’s Oral Health and Well-Being

Media FAQs, Oral Health Information and Requests for Interviews 

ODA’s mission is to provide leadership, resources, and advocacy to ensure the success of our members and the promotion of oral health.

If you are a member of the media and would like a responsive, authoritative, and credible source for your next assignment, contact the Oklahoma Dental Association (ODA). The ODA has been Oklahoma’s voice of dentistry for 112 years with over 80% of the dentists practicing in the state are members. If your story involves dentistry or the oral health of Oklahomans, you owe it to your readers/viewers to contact the ODA for comment before your story runs.  

For media related questions or to request an interview with an Oklahoma dentist, please contact the ODA Director of Communications and Education, at or by phone at (405) 848-8873.

The media may also contact the American Dental Association’s media center by calling (312) 440-2806 or emailing

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