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Jennifer Jenkins, DDS and Sara Spurlock, DDS

Lunch and Learn:
Bugs and Bites – The Role of Salivary Diagnostics in Modern Dentistry

Friday, April 12  |   12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
One (1) CE Hour  | Category B

Cost: $80 (in addition to meeting registration) – Lunch included

Course Description
Target Audience: All dental professionals

The mouth is the first glimpse inside the body, and much can be learned about overall health by a thorough evaluation. Salivary diagnostics are a critical component of a thorough oral evaluation. The treatment of periodontal disease not only improves oral health but also reduces the risk of severe health consequences. Identifying the pathogens lends resolution.

Course Objectives

  • The ability to prescribe appropriate and specific antibiotics in conjunction with mechanical therapeutics, such as scaling and root planing, garners the most predictable treatment outcomes.
  • This course will highlight common oral pathogens as well as their systemic risks and a guide to implement salivary testing as part of your patient’s periodontal and oral microbiome assessment.

Speaker Bios

Dr. Jennifer Jenkins and Dr. Sara Spurlock became friends at the University of Oklahoma
College of Dentistry. While their paths initially went in different directions, in 2014
Jennifer joined Sara in Norman and they began cultivating their dental practice. Both
doctors are committed to advancing their profession through science and have achieved
this by dedicating themselves to continuing their education. In 2022, Dr. Jenkins and Dr.
Spurlock completed all nine courses from the world-renowned Kois Center in Seattle, WA.

Their experience and knowledge gained at Kois enabled them to implement a successful
periodontal program, and they have found fulfillment in partnering with patients to
effectively treat periodontal disease and realized genuine success in improving the
health of their patients. It was at the Kois Center where their passion for oral integrative
medicine was ignited.

In their free time, both doctors have obligations to their profession serving as President
and Vice President of the Central District, co-lead triage for the Oklahoma Mission of
Mercy, and serve on boards for the Oklahoma Dental Association and Board of Dentistry.
Dr. Jenkins is active in the Sooner Rotary Club of Norman, OK serving as president during
2022-2023, and Dr. Spurlock serves on the Norman Regional Hospital Foundation Board.
Both doctors serve on the Children’s Hospital Foundation Board.

In addition to dedication to their patients, practice, community, and profession, Drs.
Jenkins and Spurlock are dedicated to their families. Dr. Jenkins and her husband, Justin,
have two children, Jase and Jax. Dr. Spurlock and her husband, Jay, have three children:
Anna, Will, and John Henry.

Drs. Spurlock and Jenkins are active on Instagram at @dds_norman