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Nancy J. Miller, RDH , BS

Calculated Hygiene: The Business Side

Friday, April 28   |   2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Three (3) CE Hours  | Category B

Course Description
Your hygiene department should be the force moving the rest of your practice forward. It’s calculated that approximately 60% of the productivity in the doctor’s treatment room comes from the hygiene room. Calculating how to keep the hygiene department running smoothly and efficiently will ensure the practice a healthy, long life.

And the hygiene team is more than the hygienists; it includes support from the Business Team, Restorative Clinical Team, and the Dentist.  In order to gain “case acceptance” from the patient and to calculate the hygiene team’s effectiveness, the whole team must understand the total Hygiene Department mission and objectives.

Calculating optimum productivity requires understanding “the numbers” and what they mean in terms of care delivered to your patients.

Course Objectives

  • Performance benchmarks to assess department efficiency
  • Increasing current knowledge of dental disease/disorder
  • Technological assistance in efficient delivery of care   
  • Increasing treatment acceptance via case presentation skills
  • Increasing patient understanding of dental benefit plans
  • Considering utilization of assistants for optimum performance
  • Patient retention strategies for long lasting relationships
  • Understand department benchmarks and optimize department efficiency
  • Correlate the oral-systemic health connection
  • Have awareness of the new treatment paradigms and technologies
  • Present treatment options in a manner to gain acceptance
  • Know how to implement a hygiene assistant
  • How to calculate hygiene retention and strategies to an efficient system

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Speaker Bio:

Nancy Miller is a practicing Dental Hygienist with over 40 years of clinical experience, 15 in a periodontal practice. She currently practices 1 day weekly with a general dentist in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In 1992 Nancy began her own consulting and lecture business, ultraconcepts.   She presents lectures and hands-on courses on topics such as ultrasonic instrumentation, air polishing for biofilm removal, ergonomics, assisted hygiene, and the business side of dental hygiene.  She also contracts to do onsite clinical coaching in your own practice setting.

She is also a Dental Practice Management Coach with Jameson Management since 1998. She specializes in clinical department coordination with the business team and corporate relationships.

A former Oral B Advisory Board member, she was one of MODERN DENTAL NETWORK’S 25 Top Women in Dentistry for 2016.  She is also a Key Opinion Leader and product evaluator for several manufacturers including Hu-Friedy GroupCrown Seating, and is a panelist on the Cellerant Group for Best of Class Hygiene Awards debuting in 2021.

turers helping develop and bring new products to market. He can be reached at