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Get Involved

Help Make Dentistry Strong in Oklahoma!

We know that ODA members are constantly volunteering time and skills to free/low-cost dental clinics, screening children, mentoring dental students, mission trips, and much more.

The ODA is proud to offer a few ways for you to get involved.

OkMOM 2023

Teach Good Oral Health Habits
Educating children on proper dental care is important for their overall health. Teaching good habits can help to ensure that children maintain healthy teeth and gums.

MobileSmiles  Oklahoma
MobileSmiles Oklahoma is a nonprofit dental care program dedicated to eliminating barriers to dental care access.

Serve the ODA ➜
Are you interested in becoming more active with the ODA through participation in a Council or Committee? Learn more about all of the different opportunities.

Leadership 101➜
An online orientation for all ODA volunteers serving in a leadership capacity. Get 1 Hour of CE!

Leadership Academy ➜
The ODA Leadership Academy is a bi-annual event that offers candidates a series of education courses in preparation as future organized dentistry leaders. (Available to ODA Members only)

Mentorship ➜
You can make a difference in the life of a dental student. Learn how you can become a mentor.  (Available to ODA Members only)

Oklahoma Mission of Mercy (OkMOM) ➜
OKMOM is a free two-day dental clinic designed to treat the most pressing needs of people who are either uninsured, underinsured, or would normally not have access to dental care. Learn more about the event. 

ODA Smile
A Smile membership is a voluntary add-on to your regular ODA membership that helps us communicate the importance of dentistry
as a career and promote advances in dentistry to the public. Your $25 Smile contribution enables the ODA to share positive oral health
messages through marketing and public relations statewide. Funds collected through Smile also support our Find a Dentist program.
Thank you to those who contributed to ODA Smile in 2023:

Dr. Jeffrey Ahlert 
Dr. Ross Allen 
Dr. Addie Allen-Steed 
Dr. Clay Anderson 
Dr. Jamie Ariana 
Dr. Bonnie Arnould 
Dr. Forrest Arnould 
Dr. Glenn Ashmore 
Dr. Douglas Auld 
Dr. Lauren Avery 
Dr. Jeffrey Baggett 
Dr. Victoria Ball 
Dr. Bryce Baumann 
Dr. Robert Baumann 
Dr. Justin Beasley 
Dr. William Beasley 
Dr. Tamara Berg 
Dr. David Birdwell 
Dr. Bryan Blankenship 
Dr. Elizabeth Bohanon 
Dr. C Todd Bridges 
Dr. Matthew Bridges 
Dr. Trace Bridges III
Dr. Nathan Brown 
Dr. S. Kelly Brown 
Dr. Kristen Campbell 
Dr. Tricia Cannon 
Dr. Wuse Cara 
Dr. John Carletti 
Dr. Bobby Carmen 
Dr. William Carter Jr.
Dr. Conrad Casler Jr.
Dr. Cory Chambers 
Dr. Jennifer Chambers 
Dr. Logan Coffee 
Dr. Matthew Cohlmia 
Dr. Raymond Cohlmia 
Dr. Deborah Corwin 
Dr. James Corwin 
Dr. G Frans Currier 
Dr. David Deason 
Dr. Calvin Doan 
Dr. Bryce Dorrough 

Dr. Ana Dotson 
Dr. Brian Drew 
Dr. Zane Dubberstein 
Dr. Kevin Duffy 
Dr. Patrick Dukes 
Dr. George Dula 
Dr. Twana Duncan 
Dr. Renalla Ellis 
Dr. Heath Evans 
Dr. Christopher Fagan 
Dr. Barry Farmer 
Dr. Keifer Fisher 
Dr. John Folks 
Dr. Richard Freeman 
Dr. Chad Garrison 
Dr. Mark Goodman 
Dr. James Gore 
Dr. Sandra Grace 
Dr. Matthew Gray 
Dr. Jerry Greer 
Dr. Jacob Hager 
Dr. H. Douglas Hall 
Dr. Leslie Hardy Jr.
Dr. Aaron Harman 
Dr. John Henry 
Dr. Robert Herman 
Dr. Marilyn Hiebert 
Dr. James Hooper 
Dr. Eric Hopkins 
Dr. James Hulsey 
Dr. Donald Johnson 
Dr. Eugenia Johnson 
Dr. Mohammad Karami 
Dr. Michael Kirk 
Dr. Jandra Korb 
Dr. Ashley Lanman 
Dr. Dustin Lively 
Dr. Eric Loper 
Dr. Steve Lusk 
Dr. Michael Manuel 
Dr. David Marks 
Dr. Stephen Martin 
Dr. Alan Mauldin 
Dr. Janna McIntosh 
Dr. Zachary McNickle 

Dr. Glenn Mead 
Dr. Andrea Montgomery 
Dr. Mohsen Moosavi 
Dr. Nicole Nellis 
Dr. Jerry Nick 
Dr. Jana Oister 
Dr. Samuel Owens 
Dr. Ray Plant 
Dr. Dana Price 
Dr. Christopher Ray 
Dr. Karen Reed 
Dr. Roger Richter III
Dr. Ryan Roberts 
Dr. Brant Rouse 
Dr. Miranda Ruleford 
Dr. Mickey Sehorn 
Dr. Jeff Shadid 
Dr. Paul Shadid 
Dr. Steffan Sigler 
Dr. Floyd Simon Jr.
Dr. Gregg Smith 
Dr. Lori Smith 
Dr. Chad Spiva 
Dr. James Steyer Jr.
Dr. B Storm 
Dr. Julie Storm 
Dr. Steven Strange 
Dr. Marc Susman 
Dr. Jamie Talley 
Dr. Jim Taylor 
Dr. Stephen Taylor 
Dr. John Thomas 
Dr. Kara Tims 
Dr. Jonah Vandiver 
Dr. Nathan Villines 
Dr. Diane Vincent 
Dr. Carlie Wager 
Dr. Robert Webb III
Dr. William Weber 
Dr. Robert Wells Jr.
Dr. James Wendelken 
Dr. Steven White 
Dr. Theresa White 
Dr. V. Ralph Willcox 
Dr. Brian Wilson 
Dr. Paul Wood