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The Oklahoma Dental Relief and Disaster Grant Program (RDGP) is a charitable entity that offers aid to dentists who, because of misfortune, natural disaster, chemical dependence, physical disability, or other hindering conditions, are not wholly self-sustaining. This program exists to award financial aid to Oklahoma dentists, yet relies solely on contributions.

As Oklahomans know well, anything can happen – and to anyone, at any time. It is important for this program to maintain its funding to support dentists in their greatest time of need. When the tornadoes struck Elk City, Oklahoma in May 2017, the RDGP took action and made considerable efforts to aid the dentists affected.

To make contributions such as these possible, the RDGP needs your help!


  • Mail a check to:

OK Dental Relief and Disaster Program
317 NE 13th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73104.

  • Call the ODA at 800.876.8890 and ask for the RDGP Program Manager.
  • Donate HERE!

The RDGP appreciates your generosity to keep this necessary program operating!


Relief Grant:  

Disaster Grant:

For additional information on how to apply for a grant or with questions or concerns, please contact the RDGP Program Manager at 405.848.8873 or 800.876.8890.

Help is Available Now!

The problems of chemical dependency, alcoholism, and behavioral issues are common. The Oklahoma Health Professionals Program (OHPP) is an outreach program designed to provide confidential, informational support, monitoring and referral resources for dentists, and other healthcare professionals. The OHPP recognizes the importance of treating healthcare professionals in a confidential, individualized program. Care is provided by medical colleagues who are sensitive to the special needs of program participants.

Their mission is to confidentially help healthcare professionals with issues of addiction, alcoholism and disruptive behavior.

The OHPP continues to be a leader nationally in identifying problems, assisting in treatment, and returning to practice physicians who have suffered from substance abuse, dependency or behavioral issues.

Read an inspiring story of an Oklahoma dentist who received assistance from OHPP. 

Help is available now!

Phone: (405) 601-2536
Confidential Fax: (405) 605-0394

Visit OHPP for more information.

Thank you to those who contributed to RDGP in 2023:

Dr. Jeffrey Ahlert 
Dr. Ross Allen 
Dr. Errol Allison 
Dr. Clay Anderson 
Dr. Jamie Ariana 
Dr. Bonnie Arnould 
Dr. Forrest Arnould 
Dr. Lauren Avery 
Dr. Bryce Baumann 
Dr. Justin Beasley 
Dr. William Beasley 
Dr. David Birdwell 
Dr. Bryan Blankenship 
Dr. Elizabeth Bohanon 
Dr. Blaire Bowers Ersteniuk 
Dr. Todd Bridges 
Dr. George Bridges 
Dr. Matthew Bridges 
Dr. Trace Bridges III
Dr. Nathan Brown 
Dr. S. Kelly Brown 
Dr. Kristen Campbell 
Dr. Tricia Cannon 
Dr. Wuse Cara 
Dr. Scott Carel 
Dr. John Carletti 
Dr. Bobby Carmen 
Dr. Conrad Casler Jr.
Dr. Cory Chambers 
Dr. Jennifer Chambers 
Dr. Brian Chastain 
Dr. Carrie Chastain 
Dr. Logan Coffee 
Dr. Jeff Cohlmia 
Dr. Matthew Cohlmia 
Dr. Raymond Cohlmia 
Dr. Deborah Corwin 
Dr. James Corwin 
Dr. Darrell Daugherty 
Dr. David Deason 
Dr. Bryce Dorrough 
Dr. Ana Dotson 
Dr. Brian Drew 
Dr. Neill Dubberstein 
Dr. Zane Dubberstein 
Dr. Kevin Duffy 
Dr. Patrick Dukes 
Dr. George Dula 
Dr. Twana Duncan 

Dr. Renalla Ellis 
Dr. Heath Evans 
Dr. Christopher Fagan 
Dr. Barry Farmer 
Dr. John Folks 
Dr. Richard Freeman 
Dr. Chad Garrison 
Dr. LaMont Gee 
Dr. Mark Goodman 
Dr. Sandra Grace 
Dr. Matthew Gray 
Dr. Evangeline Greer 
Dr. Robert Gruenberg 
Dr. Jacob Hager 
Dr. Leslie Hardy Jr.
Dr. Aaron Harman 
Dr. Edward Harroz III
Dr. Robert Herman 
Dr. Marilyn Hiebert 
Dr. Myron Hilton 
Dr. James Hooper 
Dr. Brad Hoopes 
Dr. James Hulsey 
Dr. Benjamin Humphrey 
Dr. Donald Johnson 
Dr. Eugenia Johnson 
Dr. Krista Jones 
Dr. Mohammad Karami 
Dr. Michael Kirk 
Dr. Jandra Korb 
Dr. Ashley Lanman 
Dr. Grady Lembke 
Dr. Shannon Lewis 
Dr. Dustin Lively 
Dr. Eric Loper 
Dr. Eric Lopez
Dr. Steve Lusk 
Dr. David Marks 
Dr. Stephen Martin 
Dr. Alan Mauldin 
Dr. Jonas McCall 
Dr. Tracy McIntire 
Dr. Janna McIntosh 
Dr. Daniel McNair 
Dr. Glenn Mead 
Dr. Jamie Means 
Dr. Robert Miracle 
Dr. Andrea Montgomery 
Dr. Mohsen Moosavi 
Dr. Nicole Nellis 
Dr. David Nittler 

Dr. Samuel Owens 
Dr. Ray Plant 
Dr. Jillian Prather 
Dr. Dana Price 
Dr. Christopher Ray 
Dr. Karen Reed 
Dr. Chad Reid 
Dr. Roger Richter III
Dr. Ryan Roberts 
Dr. Erin Roberts-Svob 
Dr. Tyler Rolland 
Dr. Mack Rudd 
Dr. Scott Searcey 
Dr. Mickey Sehorn 
Dr. Jeff Shadid 
Dr. Paul Shadid 
Dr. Gregory Shanbour 
Dr. Kyle Shannon 
Dr. Steffan Sigler 
Dr. Floyd Simon Jr.
Dr. Gregg Smith 
Dr. Lori Smith 
Dr. Chad Spiva 
Dr. Clinton Stevens 
Dr. James Steyer Jr.
Dr. Braden Stoltenberg 
Dr. B Storm 
Dr. Julie Storm 
Dr. Patrick Stover 
Dr. Guy Strunk 
Dr. Marc Susman 
Dr. Jamie Talley 
Dr. Jim Taylor 
Dr. Stephen Taylor 
Dr. Ryan Theobald 
Dr. John Thomas 
Dr. Kara Tims 
Dr. Jonah Vandiver 
Dr. Nathan Villines 
Dr. Carlie Wager 
Dr. Robert Webb III
Dr. Robert Wells Jr.
Dr. James Wendelken 
Dr. Steven White 
Dr. Theresa White 
Dr. Vincent Willcox 
Dr. Mary Willhoite 
Dr. Brian Wilson 
Dr. Paul Wood 
Dr. William Wynn IV