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Dental Student ADA Resources

ADA for Dental Students is a new page on devoted to student resources and benefits. Through the Member Center, students can access and download resources that can help you on everything from careers and licensure to financial planning and protecting their social reputation.

ADA New Dentist Blog

New Dentist Now:Life as a new dentist – let’s talk about it

New Dentist Now, a blog created by the New Dentist Committee of the ADA, features resources for new dentists and dental students, plus dental profession insights, news and more. The first of its kind in concept and execution, this blog represents how the ADA is innovating and tailoring it’s approach to better connect with the new dentist audience.

ADA New Dentist Newsletter

ADA New Dentist News is a quarterly publication, distributed as an insert in the ADA News as a member resource for new dentists and dental students.

ADA Center for Professional Success

Visit and discover how the ADA is providing even more value to you – the dentist member! Be sure to add the ADA Center for Professional Success to your list of favorites and visit often for up-to-the-minute practice management support and information!

Practice – Manage Your Career

Learn – Expand Your Knowledge

Live – Balance Your Life

Checklist for Starting Your Own Practice

This Checklist can also be found on page 4 of the ODA’s Your Road Map to Success or email the Membership Services Manager at

  • Obtain an Oklahoma State Dental License by contacting the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry at 405-522-4844.
  • Obtain anesthesia permits by contacting the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry at 405-522-4844.
  • Obtain all necessary insurance by calling Alexander & Strunk Insurance Professionals at 405-751-8356 or visiting Alexander & Strunk is an ODA Rewards Partner.
    • Professional liability
    • General liability
    • Life/Health
    • Disability/Office Overhead
    • Workers Compensation
    • Long Term Care
  • Hire an Accountant.
  • Hire an Attorney.
  • Hire a dental hygienist and dental assistant.
  • Complete a Personal Property Tax Worksheet. Click here to learn about the worksheet and to find the current year’s forms.
  • Understand the Americans with Disabilities Act Regulations. Visit to find the most up-to-date information.
  • Understand the Infection Control Regulations. Click here to visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health website and find the current regulations.
  • Understand the Wastewater Contamination Regulations – contact you city’s local wastewater management office to determine if special procedures are required.
  • Arrange for Medical Waste Disposal (if required). Visit the ODA Rewards Program page for more information on Medical Waste Services – an ODA Rewards Partner.
  • Develop a business plan.
  • Select a bank.
  • Apply for loans – contact Bank of America Practice Solutions at 800-497-6323. Bank of America is an ODA Rewards Partner.
  • Set-up utilities by contacting your local city utilities management company.
  • Hook-up telephone/Yellow Page listing.
  • Select a dental lab. Contact the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry at 405-522-4844 to obtain a list of Oklahoma licensed dental labs.
  • Select a supplier and equipment provider.
  • Select a bookkeeping system.
  • Select a payment system and credit card processor. Contact Sarah Bippus with Heartland Payment Systems at 918-809-5471. Heartland Payment Systems is an ODA Rewards Partner.
  • Select a payroll processor. Contact Sarah Bippus with Heartland Payroll Solutions at 918-809-5471 or click here.
  • Select a patient record keeping system.
  • Order professional stationary, business cards, prescription pads.