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Why Join the ODA

The Power of Three. A Valuable Membership.

When you join the Oklahoma Dental Association, you join at three levels:

  1. Local (your district dental society)
  2. State (the Oklahoma Dental Association)
  3. National (the American Dental Association)

Through this tripartite system of membership, ODA uses the power of three to offer the most value to our members. Mutually supportive, each level works together to serve its membership in the best way it can.

ODA Membership Benefits

ODA provides dental professionals across the state the opportunity to lead, learn and advocate for their profession and the communities they serve. At ODA, we have seven full-time staffers to help address questions, provide information and support you as a dental professional.


By joining the Oklahoma Dental Association, members are given numerous opportunities to network and build relationships with fellow professionals. Whether members choose to seek technical advice from colleagues at their local meetings, offer practice management guidance at their study group, or help the next generation of budding dentists by participating in our Mentorship Program, the ODA offers many ways for our members to get and stay involved with other professionals in their field. The ODA facilitates relationship-building and networking through programs, like our Leadership Academy, continued education courses and volunteer opportunities, such as Oklahoma Mission of Mercy. When joining the ODA, you are joining more than an association – you’re joining a community of more than 1,600 dentists from across the state that all share the common goal of advancing the dental profession in Oklahoma.


A portion of Oklahoma Dental Association dues goes toward supporting and protecting of the dental profession in Oklahoma. Through membership in the ODA and the tripartite, dental professionals have one consistent, unified voice to represent what is best for the dental community.

ODA dedicates itself to working with each level of the tripartite to protect professional autonomy and advance the profession of dentistry.

By joining the ODA, Oklahoma dentists are standing in solidarity with practitioners across the nation for the advancement of our field. Without the solidarity of members for state and local organizations, our voice would not be as strong. If issues like mid-level practitioners, funding for dental education and government intrusions concern you, then join ODA today and let your voice be heard.


As a practicing professional, staying up-to-date on the latest technology, as well as reinforcing skills you’ve already learned, is essential to serving your community and patients. By joining ODA, members have access to continued education (CE) courses throughout the year at no additional cost or at exclusively discounted rates. ODA members also receive a valuable discount for the Annual Meeting, which provides more than 50 hours of CE credit hours. ODA offers resources for study groups that offer invaluable networking and learning opportunities. ODA members also receive access to ADA resources and exclusive members-only content.


Joining ODA offers a value to our members that cannot be found anyplace else. Through the ODA Rewards Partners Program, members are offered exclusive discounts on frequently-used items, such as scrubs and gloves, and professional services like insurance and profit recovery.

In one year, the average ODA Member can save more than $11,000* if you participated in every offer. These partners are carefully selected by a committee of your peers to choose the best products and services for your practice.

Members also find value in our dues payment plan that allows dentists to pay their dues in installments over the year.


As busy professionals, dentists understand the importance of strong support. From managing your own practice to balancing your work and personal life, having someone reliable to count on can make a huge difference.

At ODA, we offer support to our members through programs such as mediation review that help keep disputes from escalating into costly legal situations.

ODA also offers contract analysis through the ADA as a way for our members to seek clear, plain language explanation on contracts concerning most favored nation clauses, hold harmless agreements, termination of contracts and more.

ODA members also receive access to information regarding the latest technology and dental news through the ODA Journal, ODA social media and our website. ODA has also started the Relief and Disaster Grants Program, a charitable entity that offers aid to dental professionals and their dependents who, because of misfortune, age, physical disability, chemical dependence, or other hindering conditions, are not wholly self-sustaining. 

*Based on the average annual use of an ODA member if he/she participated in every ODA Rewards Partners’ offer. Excludes ODA-endorsed products offered by Alexander & Strunk because of the variables in coverage and products.