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Plan Your Practice

For every phase of your dental career, there is a transition from one stage to the next. Whether you are a new dentist deciding the trajectory of your career – do you want to join a group practice or take on the risk of opening your own practice? Would you prefer to complete an associateship or would you prefer to partner with an already established dentist? Or whether you are an established dentist looking to the next phase in your career, will you hire an individual to partner with you and expand your practice, or are you looking for the perfect match of who will take over your practice when you retire and take care of your valued patients?

While the ODA may not have the answers for these questions, what organized dentistry can provide is connections and opportunities to make those connections. Connections to colleagues who can serve as sounding boards and could potentially serve as partners or just friends to network and seek advice from.

This ODA webpage is dedicated to helping forge these connections and learn more about practice transitions, no matter the stage in your career. See below for a series of helpful tools that offer information from several industry experts on what tools you need to transition in or out of practice. 

Fast Facts on Banking

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Fast Facts on Real Estate

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Fast Facts on Insurance

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  • For more information and applications from 3000 Insurance Group, please click here or call 405.521.1600. 

Fast Facts on Suppliers

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  • For more information or to start your personal supplier relationship, please visit Patterson Dental’s website.