Relief and Disaster Grant Program

RDGP: OK Dental Releif & Disaster Grant Program

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The Oklahoma Dental Relief and Disaster Grant Program (RDGP) is a charitable entity that offers aid to dental professionals and their dependents who, because of misfortune, natural disaster, chemical dependence, physical disability, or other hindering conditions, are not wholly self-sustaining. This program exists to award financial aid to Oklahoma dental professionals, yet relies solely on contributions.

As Oklahomans know well, anything can happen - and to anyone, at any time. It is important for this program to maintain its funding to support dental professionals in their greatest time of need. When the tornadoes struck Elk City, Oklahoma in May 2017, the RDGP took action and made considerable efforts to aid the dentists affected.

To make contributions such as these possible, the RDGP needs your help!

  • Mail a check to:

OK Dental Relief and Disaster Program
317 NE 13th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73104.

  • Call the ODA at 800.876.8890 and ask for the RDGP Program Manager.

The RDGP appreciates your generosity to keep this necessary program operating!


Relief Grant:  

  1. American Dental Association Grant Application and Guidelines
  2. OK Dental RDGP Grant Application and Guidelines

Disaster Grant:

  1. American Dental Association Grant Application and Guidelines
  2. OK Dental RDGP Grant Application and Guidelines 


For additional information on how to apply for a grant or with questions or concerns, please contact the RDGP Program Manager at 405.848.8873 or 800.876.8890.