The next Oklahoma Mission of Mercy is planned to be held in Shawnee, OK in February 2022.

The 2021 Oklahoma Mission of Mercy was cancelled due to an abundance of caution regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our leadership prioritizes the health and safety of our patients, volunteers and communities above all else.


What is the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy (OkMOM)?

Oklahoma Mission of Mercy (OKMOM)

The Oklahoma Mission of Mercy, or OkMOM, is a two-day, free dental clinic offering treatment to patients that are uninsured, under-insured or would normally not have access to dental care.  At the event, patients will undergo a dental screening to identify their needs and determine a treatment plan.  Each patient is then routed to the appropriate areas of the clinic: oral surgery, extractions, restorations, pediatrics and hygiene.  Each year, OkMOM volunteers anticipate treating as many patients as possible over the course of the clinic.

Since 2010, Oklahoma Mission of Mercy has treated 17,381 patients, equaling more than  $14.2 million in donated dental services

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We need YOU to help-heal-hope!

Hundreds of patients cannot be cared for without the help of our volunteers! Please consider joining us for the 2020 OkMOM in Stillwater, Oklahoma. 

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You have made a world of difference to both me and my wife. We cannot afford insurance and you treated us with the utmost of dignity and respect. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
– Larry, Eagle Rock, MO

Thanks to this great event, I got the treatment I needed but couldn’t afford for so long. I feel more than just GRATITUDE for it! Thanks!
– Patty, Tulsa, OK