OK Health Professionals Program

The OHPP is available to help youThe problems of chemical dependency, alcoholism, and behavioral issues are common. The Oklahoma Health Professionals Program (OHPP) is an outreach program designed to provide confidential, informational support, monitoring and referral resources for dentists, and other healthcare professionals. The OHPP recognizes the importance of treating healthcare professionals in a confidential, individualized program. Care is provided by medical colleagues who are sensitive to the special needs of program participants.

Their mission is to confidentially help healthcare professionals with issues of addiction, alcoholism and disruptive behavior.

The OHPP continues to be a leader nationally in identifying problems, assisting in treatment, and returning to practice physicians who have suffered from substance abuse, dependency or behavioral issues. 

Click here to read an inspiring story of an Oklahoma dentist who received assistance from OHPP. 

OHPPHelp is available now!

Phone: (405) 601-2536
Confidential Fax: (405) 605-0394
Email: ohpp@okmed.org

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