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Dr. Rieger Wood 
"I am a very satisfied customer! I have purchased my gloves from Association Gloves for over ten years. They sent me many different samples to determine which glove fit my hand the best. Their customer service and prices can't be beat! Furthermore, by purchasing my gloves from our Rewards Partner, I am helping the ODA and reducing my dues! It is a winning combination for everyone!"

C. Rieger Wood, DDS

 Association Gloves


ODA Rewards Program saves you money!

Just by being an ODA Member, you receive full access to many great deals from companies that help in your practice and home.  

This program is the ultimate WIN-WIN-WIN relationship: a win for the company, a win for the ODA and, most importantly, a win for you, the ODA member!

In one year, an ODA member would save an average of $14,182* if he/she participated in every ODA member-only Rewards Partners’ offer. 

Read more about the ODA Rewards Program from Dr. Mary Martin, ODA Standing Committee on ODA Rewards Partners. 

If you are not a member of the ODA, visit the Membership page to learn more about the benefits of organized dentistry.


ODA Rewards Partners

ODA Members: For special discount codes needed to order certain products or services, you must visit the Members Only section.


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* Savings based on the average annual usage of an ODA member if he/she participated in every ODA Rewards Partners' offer. Excludes ODA-endorsed products offered by 3000 Insurance Group.


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